Ongoing Trial: AGT-182 Phase 1 Trial in Hunter Syndrome

The purpose of this Phase 1 clinical trial is to test the safety and determine a well-tolerated dose of the investigational treatment AGT-182 for male patients (age 18 years and older) with Hunter syndrome or mucopolysaccharidosis type II (MPS II).

Patients in the trial will receive weekly infusions of AGT-182 at assigned doses that range from 1 mg/kg for the first dose group of patients enrolled and increase to 3.0 mg/kg. Additional higher dose levels may be added. AGT-182 will be administered intravenously over a 3-hour period for eight weeks.

More information about the trial is available on, or using the identifier number NCT02262338.

Breaking Barriers Trial


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Breaking Barriers Hunter Syndrome Clinical Trial

ArmaGen’s CEO and the company’s VP, Clinical Affairs discuss the AGT-182 Phase 1 clinical trial for Hunter syndrome

First human clinical trial for Hunter syndrome underway at Emory

Video by Emory University featuring first patient dosed in AGT-182 trial. Comments and opinions are not necessarily endorsed by ArmaGen.

Ongoing Trial: AGT-181 Phase 1 Trial in MPS I

ArmaGen is recruiting for a Phase 1 clinical trial in the second quarter of 2015 to assess safety and determine a well-tolerated dose of AGT-181 in adult patients with Hurler-Scheie and Scheie, which are less severe forms of MPS I. ArmaGen plans to enroll nine patients 18 years and older into the study. These patients will be treated for a total of eight weeks, with all enrolled patients receiving AGT-181.

Further details on the trial can be found on using the identifier number NCT02371226.

Pending the results of the Phase 1 trial, ArmaGen plans to conduct subsequent studies in a broader population of patients with MPS I, including those with Hurler syndrome.