At ArmaGen, strategic partnerships help us advance the development and commercialization of our product pipeline, with the goal of delivering valuable therapies to physicians and patients.

We have a growing portfolio of highly credible industry partnerships. These include a worldwide licensing and collaboration agreement with Shire plc to develop AGT-182 for Hunter syndrome, as well as a research collaboration with Merck on an undisclosed neuroscience target.



We seek additional collaborations to advance the development of our proprietary products or to apply our technology platform to create promising new therapies.

Proprietary Products: ArmaGen offers partners the opportunity to license our proprietary fusion proteins (AGT-183, 184, 110, 115,160,190), which have established central nervous system (CNS) pharmacology.

Technology Platform: We look for opportunities to partner with industry leaders, to re-engineer their protein-based neurotherapeutics and create a novel fusion protein that crosses the BBB and acts on specific drug receptors once inside the brain.

New Fusions: We are pursuing partnerships to develop novel fusion proteins to cross the BBB.

If you are interested in partnering with ArmaGen, please contact us.

“We recognize the benefits of collaborating with industry partners and see many opportunities to apply our technology to benefit patients.”

Derek Kelaita, MBA
Vice President, Business Development